What is underwater pelletizer? Underwater pelletizer structure?

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Underwater pelletizer is used to cut pellets underwater, so it is called underwater pelletizer.



Underwater pelletizer is used to cut pellets underwater, so it is called underwater pelletizer. Many workers who have operated underwater pelletizers know that there are danger signs on the machine that cannot be touched by hand. Today, I want to share with you why it is forbidden to touch with hands.


The underwater pelletizer is a professional cutting machine, mainly used for plastic products, which can end the waste gas of plastic reuse. As a kind of mechanical equipment, many pelletizers are intelligent and many are dangerous. The granulator is already capable of cutting the material.


Then there must be a knife, which is very sharp, and then the knife on the granulator has a hob method, which is sharper, especially when rolling at high speed, the fatal force will be greater.


It includes feed ports, outlet ports, belts, gears and other rotating parts to prevent hand contact when the machine is working. Do not underestimate these parts. Assuming that touching with your hands is a very dangerous job, and it is not without this danger. For example, if you touch these parts, you will bring your hands in at countless speeds, and this result is unexpected.


While making full use of the granulator, we must pay attention to safety. After all, safety is a prerequisite for everything. There is no security to ensure that something can be produced. During the operation of other pelletizers, wear relevant safety equipment as much as possible, which is also a way to minimize risks.





Components of the underwater pelletizer:


1. Pelletizer.

The pelletizer is the core part of underwater cutting, including motor, transmission box, pelletizing device and other major components. There are two kinds of devices for pelletizing and pneumatic. The motor is Siemens motor and the spring damping device. The mobile platform can move back and forth on the track, which is convenient for operation and maintenance.


2. Die head.

Special wear-resistant alloy materials, advanced manufacturing technology, electromagnetic induction heating and anti-wear technology can better ensure the economy of customers during excellent processing.


3. Display screen.

Through the PLC process, touch screen display operation interface, simple and convenient operation. The application of program control technology reduces the process intensity in the production process.


4. Electrical parts.

The electromagnetic induction heating coil, through electromagnetic induction balanced heating, changes the traditional heating method of the heating rod, and makes the cut particles more smooth and beautiful.


5. Cyclone cutter.

Special knife design, cutter adjustment is convenient and quick.




Advantages of the underwater pelletizer:

1, processing material dust; 2. Solve the problem of tailing; 3. Improve the control of line material; 4. Drift of line material; 5. Avoid shrinkage gap; 6. Process adjustment to prevent continuous grain.


This is what we have learned today about the "Components and advantages of underwater pelletizers". If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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